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Vichy Thermal
Spa Water

Formulated by nature,
impossible to recreate by science.

More than 2000 years servicing the health and beauty of the skin

The Vichy source, of volcanic origin, is both therapeutic and beneficial for the skin. The water was first treated with respect by the ancient Celts and later exploited for its thermal use by the ancient Romans. The Romans quickly recognized its soothing and anti-redness properties and bathed in the Vichy water. They assigned it to Venus, the goddess of beauty, due to the benefits it had on the skin.

The town of Vichy became a thermal city in the 1st century and realized its greatest power during the mid 18th century. It embodied the symbol of French refinement for it hosted numerous historical nobility including the Marquise de Sévigné (who testified to the merits of Vichy water in his letters), Napoleon III, the Duchess of Anoguleme (niece of Louis the XVIII) and even Coco Chanel who, in her youth, carried water at Vichy.

The origin of the Vichy brand

In 1931, the spectacular healing of an open foot injury, accelerated by the application of Vichy Thermal Spa water, was the impromptu meeting of two men who at first, didn't have anything in common. These men were the injured perfume producer Georges Guérin and Dr. Haller, the director of the Vichy Thermal establishment. Together they created the Vichy Dermatological Hygiene Society (VDHS). By combining science and nature, this avant-garde establishment used Vichy Thermal Spa water as a key ingredient of each formula. Health was seen as an unconditional source of beauty.

Rich in minerals essential for skin health

The unique mineral composition of Vichy Thermal Spa water is the result of numerous geological interactions induced by its travels along underground trails. The rainwater infiltrates the magmatic volcanic rock raising the water's core temperature. This temperature is so high that, under pressure, the water is propelled through the rocks gathering minerals such as iron, potassium, calcium, manganese, silicone and copper. The amount of rare minerals that give Vichy Thermal Spa water its extraordinary virtues, make it one of the most mineralized waters in France.

CalciumProtects skin tissues
PotassiumContributes to the hydration of skin cells
SiliciumDensifying and regenerating
MagnesiumStimulates the regeneration of the skin
IronContributes to cellular oxidation
ManganeseCombats oxidation and stimulates healing of the skin
CopperPresents an anti-inflammatory action
ZincNecessary for growth of skin cells and their healing.
Bromine, fluorine, lithium, strontiumContribute to the reinforcement of all the particular virtues previously mentioned.

Soothing, Fortifying and regenerating

It is proven: Vichy Thermal Spa water is the ideal partner for fragile and irritated skin. Its soothing, fortifying and regenerating properties have been proven, under dermatological control, in 34 tests on more than 600 persons of all skin types -even very sensitive skin.

Vichy Thermal Spa Water diminishes sensations of discomfort, calms irritations and protects the epidermis from external aggressions. It also reinforces the skins own defense system and accelerates cell renewal. Not only is Vichy Thermal Spa water the pillar ingredient in all Vichy products, its benefits can also be used it its pure form throughout the day as a spray.

  • 100% pure, 100% natural
  • SPreservative free, Fragrance free
  • Declared a source of public interest in 1846.
  • Hypoallergenic – Recommended for sensitive skin.