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Our commitment
to your skin

The best of science for your skin

Unique skin knowledge

Thanks to the cooperation of doctors, dermatologists, biologists, nutritionists and pharmacists, and the best experts in the health care, Vichy Laboratories possess a unique knowledge of the skin and its functions. This knowledge is reinforced by the global observation of the skin based on Vichy's 40,000 annual diagnostics worldwide.

Clinically proven efficacy

Each Vichy product is subjected to a battery of rigorous clinical tests where results are measured by professionals and confirmed statistically. In parallel, we conduct self-assessment tests with a large number of consumers. These tests allow us to assure that we launch products that are highly appreciated for their skin benefits and pleasure of use.

Security for all skin types, even sensitive skin

All Vichy products comply with a strict formulation charter thereby preventing all risks of skin reactions and assuring their hypoallergenic properties. They contain fortifying, soothing and regenerating Vichy Thermal Spa Water and are regularly tested on sensitive skin. In an effort to offer the largest possible choice of products for skin concerns, including highly reactive skin, Vichy Laboratories formulate products without parabens.

Active textures

Because we believe that the efficacy of dermocosmetics should be observed immediately, we formulate active textures which are able to provide tangible benefits from the first use.

Because we believe that the best choice of products adapted to your skin's needs, should be based on the careful observation of your skin, we would like to propose you our skin diagnosis.