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Slimness diagnostic

Under the supervision of Sarah Gora PhD, Medical and Scientific Relations Leader, Vichy Canada

  • Your body
  • Your nutrition profile

to your slimming diagnostic.
Discover our expert advice
which could have a long-lasting
effect on your silhouette.

Start your diagnostic

Using the cursor on the picture,
select the type of skin surface
you think you have.

Pinch the upper part of your thigh
and indicate on the picture
what your skin looks like.

Select the sentence that best describes your skin:

Does your silhouette have areas that are swollen?

Does your silhouette have areas that are swollen?

Do any parts of your body feel heavy?

Which parts of your body feel heavy?

What would you rather choose at a restaurant:

Do you eat meat or other sources of animal proteins
(fish, cheese, yogurt, eggs...) every day?

Do you eat a lot of fatty foods: fast food, bacon, cold cuts, cheese, heavy sauces, chips, etc, etc?

What is your preferred treat?

Do you eat or drink very sweet products (candy, chocolate, soda, syrups, ice cream, cookies, etc, etc)more than once a day?

During your meals do you combine bread with other starchy products such as rice, potatoes and pasta?

What would you rather open and finish in one sitting?

Do you drink beverages such as juice, soda or alcohol many times a day?

Please wait, we are analysing your profile.