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Callus Corrector

All skin types, even sensitive
Ultra-fast acting ingredients
Salicylic Acid
Anti-rubbing spheres

For men and women of all ages who have delicate, sensitive feet with calluses and who are looking for efficient foot care products to be used at home that provide instant relief and comfort.

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The Callus Corrector is a skin care product for feet with hard skin. It moisturizes and softens skin to help reduce calluses.
Its formula combines two complementary active ingredients:
- Salicylic acid to reduce skin thickness,
- Anti-rubbing spheres to limit friction between the feet’s skin and the shoes, which slows down the formation of new calluses.
Efficiency, safety and tolerability tested under dermatological control.
Proven efficiency:
- The feet’s skin is hydrated and softened.
- Reduces calluses within one week.
- The feet’s skin is soft and comfortable.

Tolerability adapted to the feet’s sensitive skin.

Vichy's commitment:
- Hypoallergenic
- Paraben-free
- Tested on sensitive skin
- With Vichy Thermal Water, soothing and fortifying
- Alcohol-free
- Soap-free

The Callus Corrector’s non-greasy texture is rapidly absorbed by the skin, which remains dry after application. The cream leaves skin soft and smooth. It has a subtle fragrance and is non greasy.


Apply daily to the entire foot paying particular attention to calluses. 

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