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The granular layer of the epidermis is found beneath its horny layer. It consists of 3 to 5 layers of cells that have already flattened considerably, whose nuclei are in the process of degenerating. Its granular appearance is due to the presence of keratohyalin granules and  keratinosomes. The latter are part of the body’s “intercellular cement” that spreads into spaces between cells. Keratohyalin helps make keratin more resistant and decompose in the amino acid “bath” that is part of N.M.F..

Au cœur de l'épiderme

The skin’s most superficial layer, which extends over the dermis. It is typically as thick as a sheet of paper, but may be thicker. Alternating epidermal ridges and dermal papillae give it an undulating appearance. It consists of 4 superimposed cell layers that lie atop the dermo-epidermal junction : the basal layer, prickle-cell layer, granular layer of the epidermis and horny layer of the epidermis, the latter coated with hydrolipid film. While skin is made up of 80% keratinocytes it also contains melanocytes, cells that impart color, as well as Langherans cells. The epidermis is devoid of blood vessels-instead, its cells are nourished via diffusion from the dermis.